Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing Catch-up!!

What an amazing year it has been!  Ella Grace is walking and talking (in her favorite dress-up shoes with a cell-phone in her hand, of course!! Thanks Jennifer!!)  Michael and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary!  God has been seen us through some difficult times not just in our marriage but also in the reality of life; my mom's death, miscarriage of a baby with downs syndrome, and Michael's job loss!  I hope to spend many more decades with my wonderful husband as we grow as spouses and parents!  Our family enjoyed a wonderful trip to Edisto Beach, South Carolina in June with my brother, Chip, and his wife, Tracy, her sister, Susan, and her husband, James.  What a time we had in the sand/water, biking and shell hunting!  Katie Marie turned 8!  Oh, how time flys!!  She enjoyed celebrating with a luau party!  Ella Grace turned 2!  Our silly little monkey enjoyed her monkey party and boy did her guest catch on!  She got SO much monkey stuff!  Love it!!  Katie Marie is enjoying 2nd Grade at LPE with Mrs. Higgins.  And Ella Grace has moved up to the toddler room, Red Snapper, with Mrs. Gayla!  Katie Marie was in Gayla's room when she was 2, so we feel like Gayla is a part of our family...just love her!!  Ella Grace is potty training!  She loves to pee and poop in the potty!  We haven't started a reward system for her yet, but her being able to tear her own toilet paper and flush the toilet seem to be incentive enough for right now.  Our family went camping this past weekend with Katie Marie's sweet friend, Madalyn, and her mom and dad.  I count The Dye Family as a blessing!  Our girls just love Jennifer and Kevin!  And of course EG loves her "MaaMaa" (Madalyn).  Ella Grace loved her frist camping experience including sleeping in a tent and "banana boats".  She also experienced her first shower in the bathhouse which she DID NOT enjoy! 

I will post pictures of the past year soon! Can't promise to do better with this blog...between Facebook and Shutterfly....just not enough time!

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