Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Few Steps's here. Ella Grace has finally decided that she might try this thing called "walking". At 13 months, all she has done until now is show off her standing ability. She would just stand up in the middle of the room, stay there until someone saw her and then grin as she quickly sat down. Last night in the kitchen she stood up and took 3steps! I'm not sure it its the shoes on her feet that are giving her the extra boost of confidence to walk...with the cooler weather this week, we've been able to try out 3 of her new pairs of shoes. I hope to get video tonight/weekend of her performing this amazing stunt. ;0) My baby is growing up too quickly. I'm ready to be over this flu so that I can hold her again! Michael is loving having her all to himself the last couple of days. DADDY!! Ella Grace loves it too!

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